Adding product descriptions in your store

Product descriptions are usually used to add information about a product, emphasize its advantages, list its characteristics, or highlight products features.

 You may also use videos, images, and animated elements that help promote your product.

To simplify formatting, we provide a text editor for the Description field. You can make paragraphs, add images, and change the text (color, size, and font). 

  1. Main features of Text Editor
  2. Editing the description in HTML mode

Main features of Text Editor

Full Screen mode

For more space when working with a description, use full screen mode by clicking the Full Screen icon in the right upper corner of the editor.

Add images

Upload images from your computer and they will display in your storefront.

Add videos

Similar to Facebook, our text editor can identify a link and display a thumbnail.

Editing the description in the HTML mode

For advanced users who want to edit description source code, our text editor has HTML mode. Click <> in the top right corner of the Description text area to edit using HTML:

Remember to click Save after making changes.