How you can make Gift Cards can work for your business all year round

With traditional paper Gift Vouchers, 80% of sales happen in the two months of November & December. Times have changes however, and now with digital Gift Cards your business can keep Gift Card sales ticking over all year round.

Using Gift Cards To Drive Your Business Sales OnlineGuest Article by

Patrick Garry CEO of LoyLap

Technology continues to evolve that helps modern businesses make their lives easier and their businesses more profitable, and Gift Cards technology is no exception. Gone are the days when businesses were restricted to paper Gift Vouchers (certificates) that involved the manually keeping of a ledger to record transactions, and were troublesome in attempting to partially redeem by scribbling over one number and replacing with another. Now businesses can easily use digital Gift Card technology to really put them to work for their business.

Digital & Physical Gift Cards

With a digital Gift Card offering for your business, all physical Gift Cards are sold either directly from your POS system, or using an app on a Smartphone. This means that each transaction is automatically recorded so there is no need to any manual ledger to record sales. Redemptions are also handled via the same app or POS integration, meaning a business can simply key in the transaction total and easily redeem it from the Gift Card; leaving the customer to go home with the card to use again and again.

No Restriction

However, the greater benefits come from the fact that a digital Gift Card is not restricted to be sold in your store. With LoyLap’s digital Gift Card system, we give each client of ours a unique URL which they can attach to their website to sell a Gift Card directly from your website, which is then emailed directly to the customers, or the receiver to whom they would like to send the voucher. The customers email has a QR code that can easily then be scanned by your POS system or mobile app to redeem the eCard in store.

Integrated With Social Media Platforms

We work directly with the social media companies to ensure that your Cards receive the attention they deserve on your Social Media profiles. With LoyLap’s partnership with Instagram, you can include a ‘’Gift Cards’’ button directly on your profile or use the sticker in Stories to add a new purchase experience to increase transactions for your shop. Instagram users can even re-share your sticker in their own Stories, further driving awareness about your cause.


At LoyLap we aim to provide easy to easy and effective technology to physical presence businesses so they can get on doing what they do best. Our Gift card technology is exemplary of this as something that can be plugged into your business operation and then continue to work for you with a minimum of hassle.