Advertising in Facebook with Facebook Pixel

Facebook is a great place to promote and sell your products. At first sight creating ads on Facebook seems too complicated. Forget it. With the online store advertising on Facebook is a breeze.


Just three steps and people will see your ads in their timelines! Here are the three steps to start advertising on Facebook:

Step 1: Connect your store to Facebook
Adding your products to Facebook takes just a few minutes. Once added, all of your products will automatically sync, keeping your product catalog up to date without any additional effort.

Step 2: Implement Facebook pixel
With the online store you can install the Facebook pixel into your store without touching any code and start using the Facebook Ads to their highest potential. With the help of the pixel you can track visitors, optimize your ad campaigns and monitor their results.

Step 3: Start your advertising campaign
A huge audience, flexible advertising options and affordable pricing make Facebook an important channel for businesses to market and advertise their products and services. With the online store setting up Facebook Ads is simple and fast.